eTimeToolsm is an inexpensive, internet-delivered and hosted Time Collection and Management System. When an employee has entered their time with the easy-to-use graphical calendar interface, the record is securely stored, using SSL Encryption, in a MySQL database behind a firewall at our data center. Records are backed up often and available 24/7 to all administrative staff. Time can be entered from any work, home or internet-connected computer. There is no software or hardware investment and your organization can be up and running almost overnight. Records can also be integrated with your existing payroll system, further streamlining the time collection and payroll process.


Add, Edit, Remove:

  • Time Categories
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Users and Passwords
  • Projects
  • Special Dates
  • Pay Period and Start Day for Period
  • Miscellaneous Information Fields

Supervisor Can:

  • Approve or reject submitted time by employees prior to sending to payroll staff.
  • Ability to lock and unlock time records.

Reports Options:

  • Query, Sort, View, Print and Export Data for use with your existing payroll system.
  • Sort by Period, Project, Time Category, Department, Location or User.
  • Ability to unlock time records.


Setup Typical Work Day Profile

  • Typical Hours Worked
  • Typical Project
  • Typical Time Category

Add, Edit, Remove, or View hours worked

  • Directly Enter Time with an easy-to-use graphical Calendar Format.
  • Enter Description of hours worked if needed.

Employee Time Detail
Time Entry Screen

Download The Flyer

If you would like to print the flyer, you may download it here: EtimeTool Flyer (PDF)